We have collected frequently asked questions from our real users. And we have those answers for you.

Helps increase the credibility of your sales page 100%, increases visibility, and increases search rankings to the top.

And yes!! You don't need to increase the number of Thai likes at all. Because the sales page just focuses on lots of likes from around the world that are cheaper.

For example, increasing Facebook likes is easy if you have 2 pages A and B.

Page A has 1,000 followers.

Page B has 50,000 followers.

Advertise as well or live broadcast as well Selling the same things

Which pages will customers choose to visit?

//Answer: Customers definitely choose the page with more likes!

Online marketing is in the age of value. Which page has a lot of people following? That page has a lot of customers reaching it.

Starting point of a big page That is, you have to do all of this to accumulate tens of thousands of likes.

Our system is automatic. With the work of intelligent AI

(For services that do not have a speed limit) You will receive the amount within 24-48 hours, the fastest is immediately.

with system processing To protect your facebook account, we work intuitively.

If you want to get more likes quickly. Please purchase a service that has a clearly specified speed.

1. Register your own domain You can register your own website name. Click here to register a domain. or other service providers that are convenient for you

2. Go to your domain registrar's control panel to change the nameservers to:



3. Enter rental information on the page. Rent a website to get likes

4. Press submit order.

5. When the status changes to "Working", you can use it immediately. By accessing the management system at "Administrator area"

For example, hire someone to increase the number of likes on a Facebook page.

Cost price 200 baht per 1,000 likes.

You can set the price for getting hired to pump likes at 450-650 baht per 1,000 likes (set the profit as desired).

The difference is your profit. This example is 650 baht ( 650 - 200 = 450 baht )

If a customer comes to hire you for 1 page (1,000 likes), you will get a full profit of 450 baht.

If 10 people hire you in 1 day (1,000 likes per page), you will earn (450*10) = 4,500 baht in 1 day.

And if in 1 month you can do 10 pages per day, 1,000 likes per page, you will have an income of (4500*30) = 135,000 baht per month.

The system will not support links in Thai, such as https://www.facebook.com/Acupuncture-AcupunctureXXXXXXXX-5944317575XXXXX

Allows you to convert the link into a Facebook ID. To see the link ID, click to check ID.

When you have received the ID, enter it as follows. For example, ID 594431757569825, enter the link https://www.facebook.com/594431757569825

Requesting top-up discount For services with guaranteed discounts

Services that can top up the discount amount will have the [Rxx] or [ARxx] symbol, for example:

Rxx = Top-up amount (xx refers to the number of guaranteed days, e.g.: R30 = 30 day guarantee)

ARxx = Automatic top-up (xx refers to the number of days guaranteed, for example: AR30 = Automatic top-up 30 days)

The number of days of the warranty From the date of order or the date the order was created

We guarantee top-up. If the amount decreases by more than 10% of the order quantity

Take the starting amount + (order quantity - 10%) = if your current amount is lower than this result You can request to top up the balance.

If your current count is less than the starting count that the system notifies you It is considered that the warranty is lacking. We cannot top up the balance for you.

Open the ticket, select the subject of the order - "Specify the order number" - select the subject "Request to top up the discount".

** This may take more than 72 hours! For each correction, please be patient**

"Partial" status is when we refund the remaining portion of the order. for sometimes

Due to some reason, the system cannot deliver the full order that the customer placed an order. Therefore, we refund the remaining amount back to the customer. Calculate the actual amount from the amount that has not yet been received.

Example: You purchase a product with a quantity of 10,000 likes and a cost of 300 baht. Let's say the system only delivers 9,000 likes.

And for the remaining 1,000 likes, the system was unable to deliver or stopped working. The system will then calculate the actual order amount received in part. and refund you the remaining 1,000 likes

(How to calculate the amount from likes Divide the set amount by the total number of likes purchased. equal to the result Multiply the balance, for example 300/10,000= 0.03*1,000 = 30 baht)

The most important thing is not to read the terms of service. Or don't read the detailed description of our services. or not viewing the correct preview link before ordering

If the status says "Completed" but you have not received the balance. This is due to

1. You may not make links public, block visibility, country-restricted, age-restricted, or post links removed or link URLs redirected.

— You purchased the Facebook profile follower service, but you didn't turn on the follow button. or does not show the number of followers

2. You entered the wrong link. or place the wrong type of link For example:

— You purchase a Facebook post liking service, but you include a page link. (The system cannot provide likes)

— You purchase a Facebook page follower service, but you include a personal Facebook link.

— Ordering people to watch a Facebook live broadcast but you entered an incorrect link as specified in the service description.

— Some services do not support mobile links. that start with the letter m or web, such as https://m.facebook.com You need to change m to www. e.g. https://www.facebook.com

3. Buy a follower increase service and don't open the follow button. For example:

— Purchase a service to increase personal Facebook followers but do not show the current number of followers to the system.

— Buy a service to increase personal Facebook followers but don't open the button to press follow.

— Buy a service to add Facebook friends but don't open the button to add friends, etc.

4. Buy a service to increase followers on TIK TOK but you entered the link incorrectly, such as

— You copied the link from your mobile phone. The link will not have https://www. at the beginning (so our system will not work).

— You only include @username without the link prefix. https://www.tiktok.com/...

— The correct link, we clearly write in the description, must be of this format. https://www.tiktok.com/@username

5. Including re-ordering the same link, for example, you are using the service to increase IG followers with Link ABC and you purchase more followers for Link ABC while your old order has not yet been completed. or using more than one server at the same time for the same link.

** These actions We cannot cancel and refund in any case**

Shared orders It is a service where you can gradually increase the number of likes according to the number you want in each period.

For example: You want 1000 likes on your Instagram posts, but you want to get 100 likes every 30 minutes, you will put

Link: Your post link.

Quantity: 100

Number of views: 10 (You will get 10 likes, 100 each. After 10 views, the post will equal 1000 likes. If you want to get 2000 likes, you will need to enter 20 views, etc…)

Each time interval (minutes): 30 (because you need 100 likes in each 30 minutes. If you want in each hour, put 60 minutes)

P.S. You should not order a quantity greater than the maximum amount written in the details of that service (quantity x number of times).

For example, if the maximum service is 4000, you would omit quantity: 500 and run :10 because the total quantity would be 500x10 = 5000, which is greater than the maximum (4000).

And do not enter a period lower than the specified start time. (Some services require 60 minutes to start. Do not enter an interval less than the service start time. Otherwise it will cause your order to fail. and we cannot refund)

The cancel or top up button sends a trigger to cancel or top up the order, it doesn't work immediately.

It is just stimulating, sometimes it can be too long to stop the order.

And some orders may not need to be topped up.

You enter the service ID, followed by the | sign, followed by the link, followed by the | sign, followed by the quantity. in each line View our service codes here: All our services

Let's say you want to use bulk ordering to increase followers on Instagram simultaneously for 3 of your accounts: abcd, asdf, qwer.

From the list of services @ https://ssm-th.com/services The service code for this service “Instagram Followers [250K] [R20] [6H - 5K/Day] ♻🔥⭐” is 321.

Let's say you want to add 1,000 followers to each account, the results will be as follows:

ID | Link | Quantity

or in this example:




If the customer wants to open their own "like" website. Please feel free to contact us by email. admin@ssm-th.com immediately

We are ready for you to rent a website at the best price per month.

or want to own a business Buy a website to get likes We guarantee that you will be impressed by our full-featured website, available to you at a great price. Ready to create the greatest income that you have never received from other businesses

You will get the lowest possible rates as you see on our website. You can also easily connect with us through the API system!

Find the timestamp next to your username above your comment.

(for example: "3 days ago") and hover over it, then right click and "Copy address link"

The link will be like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12345&lc=a1b21etc

Instead of just: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12345

To make sure you get the correct link, paste it into your browser's address bar.

And you can see that now the first comment is under the video and it says "Highlight comments."

Split balance orders do not work with bulk orders and the API.

We have provided services to increase the number of likes, number of followers, etc., for more than 10+ years. From direct experience, we have never had any of our customers get banned or have their page closed. Due to increasing the number of likes

If the page does not violate the policies of Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / Youtube / or other social media websites. An example of a page that might be banned would look like this: Pages with names or messages saying that they want to increase the number of likes and get likes (against Facebook policy), pages with names that refer to the trade of drugs, herbs, or all kinds of illegal things,

And important! Our website has the highest punishment for anyone who posts any illegal links on our website! Based on our service policy

Items listed as "Monetize" or "Monetize" as it is named in the service

Our like-pushing website SSM-TH.com builds trustworthiness from real likes. without using any password at all

Importantly, it is safe with the customer's own account. We take this matter very seriously.

And we don't want you. Who will you give your password to?

The Instagram mention service is when you mention someone on Instagram.

(e.g. @abcde, this means you mentioned abcde under the post and abcde will receive a notification to review the post)

Basically, for Instagram Mentions [Followers] you include the link of your post and the username of the person you want us to mention. HIS FOLLOWERS!

Good in advertising Most online sellers use it instead of posting.

Visibility means accessibility. (including the number of users who saw your post)

It is mostly used with brands. or online trading

They will ask you to provide statistics on the impressions your post has provided.

Instagram Saves is when a user saves his bio post on Instagram (by pressing the save button near the like button). Many saves for the post increases its visibility.

Autolike system service It is a service for creating an automatic like system that allows you to create a membership system. Daily/Monthly You can pay in bulk to your own customers.

You can calculate the price from our price per 1,000 and set the membership price for your customers.

For example: You choose the service Automatic Instagram Likes, price 80 baht per 1,000.

Divide 80 Tang by 1,000 = price 0.08 baht per 1 like.

Membership is set for 7 days. Post 30 posts in 7 days. 1 post will have likes. Minimum 100 and maximum 200 likes per post.

For you to think like this:

Set the total number of posts. Multiply the maximum number of likes (30) x (200) = 6,000 likes.

6,000 x 0.08 = 480 baht is the price you have to pay. (that cost) So you can add an additional 30% profit.

480+30% = 624 baht (this is the price you set to charge your customers a flat membership fee)

*Note: (Cost) You may not pay the full amount because the likes will increase according to the amount you post. lowest-highest

You'll be charged when the post actually occurs.

And the system will automatically refund the money when the order cannot be delivered within 24-48 hours.

If your account is disabled! You will not be able to log in.

Please note that there are many reasons why an account may be disabled. And we handle each case in a different way.

We will suspend SSM-TH user accounts that do not comply with our terms. For example:

— Fraudulent financial transactions

— Using links that are illegal and against our policies.

— Using a false name and surname

— Impersonation

— Displaying behavior that is considered disruptive.

— Uses that involve hacking and stealing other people's information to use.

— Bullying others By using it incorrectly